# How to create a material based on a RAL color

  • Get the RGB code from the RAL code. We recommend using https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_RAL_colors as reference. There are many sources with the RAL shades slightly differing, therefore it is good to have something that gets at least some review.
  • If you plan to use the PDC pages directly, search for the hex code.
  • If you plan to upload csv, you need the RGB color in a normalized form, where the values are <0;1>. If your RGB values are <0;255>, divide them by 255.
  • If not colliding with other requirements, the materialId should be or contain ral_xxxx.

Template for CSV file:

"ral_1000","Greeb beige","{""alpha"":1,""basecolor"":{""r"":0.788,""g"":0.733,""b"":0.533}}"

Template for CSV file with normal map:

"ral_1000","Greeb beige","{""alpha"":1,""basecolor"":{""r"":0.788,""g"":0.733,""b"":0.533}}","true","zip://materials/rough_metal_xyz.png","XYZ","5","5"