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# Class: RoomlePlannerUiCallback

# Hierarchy

# Implements

# Index

# Constructors

# Properties

# Methods

# Constructors

# constructor

+ new RoomlePlannerUiCallback(creator: string): RoomlePlannerUiCallback

Overrides UiCallback.constructor

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:21


Name Type
creator string

Returns: RoomlePlannerUiCallback

# Properties

# creator

creator: string

Implementation of Context.creator

Inherited from UiCallback.creator

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/ui-callback.ts:9

# Methods

# cameraStartsMoving

cameraStartsMoving(): void

Inherited from UiCallback.cameraStartsMoving

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/ui-callback.ts:42

Returns: void

# disableWallDimensions

disableWallDimensions(): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:109

This function gets called when the camera is moving and thus the wall dimensions should not be shown

Returns: void

# enablePlanObjectPositions

enablePlanObjectPositions(planObjectPositions: any[]): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:111


Name Type
planObjectPositions any[]

Returns: void

# enableWallDimensions

enableWallDimensions(wallDimensions: WallDimension[]): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:104

This function gets called when the camera is no longer moving and the position of the wall dimensions can be calculated


Name Type Description
wallDimensions WallDimension[]

Returns: void

# get

get(target: UiCallback, prop: keyof UiCallback): UiCallback[keyof UiCallback]

Inherited from UiCallback.get

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/ui-callback.ts:35


Name Type
target UiCallback
prop keyof UiCallback

Returns: UiCallback[keyof UiCallback]

# mute

mute(): void

Inherited from UiCallback.mute

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/ui-callback.ts:18

Returns: void

# onCameraChanged

onCameraChanged(type: CAMERA_TYPE): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:31


Name Type

Returns: void

# onCompletelyLoaded

onCompletelyLoaded(): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:85

When the plan has been completely loaded

Returns: void

# onConfiguratorKernelIsReady

onConfiguratorKernelIsReady(kernelContainer: PlannerKernelContainer, kernelInstance: ConfiguratorKernelClass): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:55

is called when the configurator kernel is ready. It returns the container and the instance


Name Type Description
kernelContainer PlannerKernelContainer -
kernelInstance ConfiguratorKernelClass

Returns: void

# onDrawCancel

onDrawCancel(): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:113

Returns: void

# onHistoryChange

onHistoryChange(undo: boolean, redo: boolean): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:97

gets called if history changes


Name Type Description
undo boolean true if undo is possible
redo boolean true if redo is possible

Returns: void

# onItemsLoaded

onItemsLoaded(): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:27

Returns: void

# onPlanChanged

onPlanChanged(): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:75

When something in the plan has changed

Returns: void

# onPlanElementChanged

onPlanElementChanged(): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:80

When an element in the plan has been added, removed or changed

Returns: void

# onPlanInteractionHandlerCreated

onPlanInteractionHandlerCreated(planInteractionHandler: PlanInteractionHandler): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:39


Name Type
planInteractionHandler PlanInteractionHandler

Returns: void

# onPlannerKernelIsReady

onPlannerKernelIsReady(kernelContainer: PlannerKernelContainer): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:48

is called when the planner kernel is ready. It returns the container and the instance


Name Type
kernelContainer PlannerKernelContainer

Returns: void

# onRotationCancel

onRotationCancel(): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:90

When rotation mode has been canceled

Returns: void

# onSelectionCancel

onSelectionCancel(): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:70

When an item selection has been canceled

Returns: void

# onSelectionChange

onSelectionChange(selectionMode: SELECTION_MODE, objectType: "static" | "configuration" | "wall", payload: SelectionPayload, payloadPromise: Promise‹SelectionPayload›, planElementViewModel: PlanElementViewModel): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:65

When an item has been selected


Name Type Description
selectionMode SELECTION_MODE -
objectType "static" | "configuration" | "wall" currently only static items and configurations are supported
payload SelectionPayload returns the data which is available immediately (sync), currently this is catalogItemId and/or configurationRuntimeId
payloadPromise Promise‹SelectionPayload this promise resolves when the data of an object is fetched
planElementViewModel PlanElementViewModel the plan element view model used internally, WARNING: this is a reference, use with caution

Returns: void

# onTotalFloorAreaChanged

onTotalFloorAreaChanged(totalFloorArea: number): void

Defined in packages/planner-core/src/roomle-planner-ui-callback.ts:35


Name Type
totalFloorArea number

Returns: void

# unmute

unmute(): void

Inherited from UiCallback.unmute

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/ui-callback.ts:22

Returns: void