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# Interface: DynamicLight

Description of fields:

  • type: 'ambient'/'rectarea'/'spot'/'directional'
  • name: set a name for this light to identify it more easily
  • intensity: light intensity/brightness
  • color: light color as hex ('#ffffff')
  • position: position of the light, for example {"x": 0,"y": 0, "z": 0}, coords are right hand y up
  • target: position to which the light should shine, defaults to center
  • castShadow: defines if this light casts shadows
  • angle: used for spotlights, defines the light cone of the spotlight
  • penumbra: used for spotlights, defines how hard the edges of the light are
  • width: used for rect area light, width of the area
  • height: used for rect area light, height of the area
  • movesWithCamera: if true the light will always have the same position and angle as the camera

# Hierarchy

  • DynamicLight

# Index

# Properties

# Properties

# Optional angle

angle? : number

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:50

# Optional castShadow

castShadow? : boolean

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:49

# Optional color

color? : string

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:46

# Optional height

height? : number

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:53

# Optional intensity

intensity? : number

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:45

# Optional movesWithCamera

movesWithCamera? : boolean

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:54

# Optional name

name? : string

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:44

# Optional penumbra

penumbra? : number

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:51

# Optional position

position? : Vector3

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:47

# Optional target

target? : Vector3

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:48

# type

type: string

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:43

# Optional width

width? : number

Defined in packages/common-core/src/lightsetting/dynamic-light-setting-loader.ts:52