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# Interface: GlobalInitDataDefinition

Init data parameters which are not context specific

# Hierarchy

  • GlobalInitDataDefinition

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# Properties

# Properties

# Optional alwaysUseCache

alwaysUseCache? : boolean

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:51

when set to true and assets were prechaced by the asset loader they are returned from cache. Otherwise we always return a fresh copy from network usage: alwaysUseCache=true default: not set -> assets fetched from url, set -> assets from cache

# Optional configuratorId

configuratorId? : string

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:45

The id which should be used for this configurator instance. When this id is set all InitData parameter can be set and changed in Rubens Admin. This is the way we recommend to set init data params. Ask your Roomle contact for your configuratorId.

# Optional customApiUrl

customApiUrl? : string

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:56

Set which RAPI (Roomle API) backend should be used usage: customApiUrl=https://www.roomle.com/api/v2

# Optional locale

locale? : string

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:19

Set the language/locale which should be used, for example 'de' or 'en'

# Optional overrideCountry

overrideCountry? : string

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:32

Set country to use for the Roomle price service. If not used the customer IP address will be used to determine the location. usage: overrideCountry=de

# Optional overrideRapi

overrideRapi? : RapiServerUrlType

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:38

internal Set which RAPI (Roomle API) backend should be used options: live, test

# Optional overrideTenant

overrideTenant? : number

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:26


deprecated Can be used for content testing default: 9