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# Interface: InitDataDefinition

# Hierarchy

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# Properties

# Properties

# Optional _measureTraffic

_measureTraffic? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData._measureTraffic

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:169

internal Enable service worker which tracks performance and request size (content, materials, etc)

# Optional applyCurrentGlobalParameters

applyCurrentGlobalParameters? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.applyCurrentGlobalParameters

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:267

If set to true it will try to apply all current global parameters to the loaded object

# Optional autoQuality

autoQuality? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.autoQuality

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:70

If set to true the configurator will make sure every device has great user experience with fluid frame rate. If set to false the configurator will always show the highest quality possible. That could lead to stutter and other problems on low-end devices. We advise you to only turn off "autoQuality" if you really know what you are doing. default: true usage: autoQuality=false

# Optional bananaForScale

bananaForScale? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.bananaForScale

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:247

Easter Egg

# Optional cameraRestriction

cameraRestriction? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.cameraRestriction

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:221

When set this param restricts the camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree), this overrides minHorizontalCameraAngle and maxHorizontalCameraAngle default: not set -> no camera restriction usage: cameraRestriction=45

# Optional cameraSpacing

cameraSpacing? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.cameraSpacing

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:273

Adds the given spacing (in centimeters) to the loaded object. This is then used to calculate the initial camera distance default: object size itself usage: cameraSpacing=100

# Optional colors

colors? : typeof ROOMLE_COLORS

Inherited from CommonInitData.colors

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:72

Can be used to personalize colors used in the 3D scene

# Optional debug

debug? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.debug

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:175

This flag enables:

  • Scripter debug logs (e.g. which parameter is not assigned to a parameter group)
  • Free camera movement (no restrictions, camera stays after reload, panning using Shift key)

# Optional disableEnvMap

disableEnvMap? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.disableEnvMap

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:185

internal If set to true, it will disable the environment map completely

# Optional dls

dls? : string

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.dls

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:204

internal Load a light setting using an URL. Check lights in SceneSettings for an example.

# Optional edit

edit? : boolean

Inherited from PlannerInitData.edit

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:293

internal If set to true the plan can be edited.

# Optional floorMaterialsTag

floorMaterialsTag? : RapiId

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.floorMaterialsTag

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:209


# Optional id

id? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.id

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:85

The item id or configuration id of the item which should be loaded. Examples: Configuration id: usm:frame:2449773A7F54278EBB61A67A10EF6A10E8BB6F38BE775B028AC050B438414507 Item id: usm:frame

# Optional initialFloorMaterial

initialFloorMaterial? : string

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.initialFloorMaterial

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:198

Set the floor material which is used when loading the configurator For different options see EnvironmentSetting

# Optional isItem

isItem? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.isItem

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:78

deprecated Set if the currently loaded id is an item or a configuration. In the new configurator UI this is determined automatically based on the id.

# Optional ls

ls? : string

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.ls

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:205

# Optional maxHorizontalCameraAngle

maxHorizontalCameraAngle? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.maxHorizontalCameraAngle

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:245

When set this param restricts the right/horizontal camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree) default: not set -> no camera angle restriction usage: maxHorizontalCameraAngle=45

# Optional maxVerticalCameraAngle

maxVerticalCameraAngle? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.maxVerticalCameraAngle

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:233

When set this param restricts the up/vertical camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree) default: not set -> no camera angle restriction usage: maxVerticalCameraAngle=45

# Optional meshSelection

meshSelection? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.meshSelection

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:162

When mesh selection is enabled, the meshes of the object are used directly for highlighting. Setting it to false could be useful for square/rectangular (shelf) items.

# Optional minHorizontalCameraAngle

minHorizontalCameraAngle? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.minHorizontalCameraAngle

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:239

When set this param restricts the left/horizontal camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree) default: not set -> no camera angle restriction usage: minHorizontalCameraAngle=45

# Optional minVerticalCameraAngle

minVerticalCameraAngle? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.minVerticalCameraAngle

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:227

When set this param restricts the down/vertical camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree) default: not set -> no camera angle restriction usage: minVerticalCameraAngle=45

# Optional moc

moc? : boolean

Inherited from PlannerInitData.moc

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:302

If set to true it will treat the planner as a multi object configurator (moc). This means:

  • do not merge geometries
  • set configurator environment & lights in planner
  • reduce initial spacing of camera (higher zoom)

# Optional mode


Inherited from PlannerInitData.mode

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:288

Select with which camera mode to start initially. default: 3D usage: mode=2D options: 2D, 3D, FP

# Optional offlineSync

offlineSync? : string

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.offlineSync

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:193

deprecated Download all necessary files to run the configurator in offline mode

# Optional offset

offset? : CanvasOffset

Inherited from CommonInitData.offset

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:152

deprecated Change the offset of the camera. For example if you add a margin left (0.1 means 10%) then the item moves to the right. This value is overridden in the new configurator UI.

# Optional precisionCm

precisionCm? : string

Inherited from CommonInitData.precisionCm

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:122

Set how many positions after the decimal point should be shown. For example: 123,45 -> precisionCm=2 -> 123,45 123,45 -> precisionCm=1 -> 123,5 123,45 -> precisionCm=0 -> 124

# Optional precisionInch

precisionInch? : string

Inherited from CommonInitData.precisionInch

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:114

Set how many positions after the decimal point should be shown. For example: 8' 1.68" -> precisionCm=2 -> 8' 1.68" 8' 1.68" -> precisionCm=1 -> 8' 1.7" 8' 1.68" -> precisionCm=0 -> 8' 2"

# Optional preloadHint

preloadHint? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.preloadHint

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:145


internal Same as preloadId, both call getPreloadForItem or getPreloadForConfiguration to pre load things needed for the configuration so that there are less XHR calls and the cache is pre-warmed Will no longer be used in the new configurator UI.

# Optional preloadId

preloadId? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.preloadId

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:93


internal Same as preloadHint, both call getPreloadForItem or getPreloadForConfiguration to pre load things needed for the configuration so that there are less XHR calls and the cache is pre-warmed Will no longer be used in the new configurator UI.

# Optional showArButton

showArButton? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.showArButton

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:99

deprecated Set if the AR button should be shown. In the new configurator UI this is in the configurator settings object called buttons.

# Optional showInfos

showInfos? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.showInfos

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:258

deprecated Shows partlist if there are no prices

# Optional showPrice

showPrice? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.showPrice

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:263

deprecated Show price label using prices from configuration script

# Optional startTag

startTag? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.startTag

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:157

deprecated Add a tag id which is used to show different variations when opening the configurator

# Optional stats

stats? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.stats

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:164

if set to true it shows a little overlay with performance stats

# Optional transparentHighlighting

transparentHighlighting? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.transparentHighlighting

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:253

If set to true, components which are between the camera and the selected component/preview will be rendered transparent default: false usage: transparentHighlighting=true

# Optional typeChangeTag

typeChangeTag? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.typeChangeTag

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:137

Add a tag id which is used to show different variations for the current item/configuration

# Optional unit

unit? : string

Inherited from CommonInitData.unit

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:127

Defines which unit should be used for measurements/dimensions Options: 'cm', 'mm', 'inchfeet'

# Optional unitStringType

unitStringType? : string

Inherited from CommonInitData.unitStringType

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:135

How the current unit should be formatted Options: 'none': No unit string added, for example '200' 'long': Long unit string, for example '200 meters' 'short': Short unit string, for example '200 m'

# Optional usePriceService

usePriceService? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.usePriceService

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:180

If set to true, prices are calculated using the Roomle price service. For more information ask your Roomle contact.

# Optional useRoomlePrice

useRoomlePrice? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.useRoomlePrice

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:106


deprecated Use prices which are hardcoded in the configuration script. Only used for trade show demos.

# Optional zoomDistance

zoomDistance? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.zoomDistance

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:215

Set the distance to which the user can zoom (in centimeters). default: object size divided by 10 or 10 cm usage: zoomDistance=3