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# Interface: InitDataDefinition

# Hierarchy

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# Properties

# Properties

# Optional _measureTraffic

_measureTraffic? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData._measureTraffic

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:171

internal Enable service worker which tracks performance and request size (content, materials, etc)

# Optional addOnSpots

addOnSpots? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.addOnSpots

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:196

deprecated If set to true we are showing plus icon where addons can be added. This has to be scripted. For more information ask your Roomle contact.

# Optional applyCurrentGlobalParameters

applyCurrentGlobalParameters? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.applyCurrentGlobalParameters

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:275

If set to true it will try to apply all current global parameters to the loaded object

# Optional bananaForScale

bananaForScale? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.bananaForScale

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:255

Easter Egg

# Optional cameraRestriction

cameraRestriction? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.cameraRestriction

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:229

When set this param restricts the camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree), this overrides minHorizontalCameraAngle and maxHorizontalCameraAngle default: not set -> no camera restriction usage: cameraRestriction=45

# Optional cameraSpacing

cameraSpacing? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.cameraSpacing

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:281

Adds the given spacing (in centimeters) to the loaded object. This is then used to calculate the initial camera distance default: object size itself usage: cameraSpacing=100

# Optional colors

colors? : typeof ROOMLE_COLORS

Inherited from CommonInitData.colors

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:74

Can be used to personalize colors used in the 3D scene

# Optional debug

debug? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.debug

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:177

This flag enables:

  • Scripter debug logs (e.g. which parameter is not assigned to a parameter group)
  • Free camera movement (no restrictions, camera stays after reload, panning using Shift key)

# Optional dls

dls? : string

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.dls

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:212

internal Load a light setting using an URL. Check lights in SceneSettings for an example.

# Optional edit

edit? : boolean

Inherited from PlannerInitData.edit

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:296

internal If set to true the plan can be edited.

# Optional enableHD

enableHD? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.enableHD

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:72

deprecated Enable high quality rendering

# Optional floorMaterialsTag

floorMaterialsTag? : RapiId

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.floorMaterialsTag

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:217


# Optional id

id? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.id

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:87

The item id or configuration id of the item which should be loaded. Examples: Configuration id: usm:frame:2449773A7F54278EBB61A67A10EF6A10E8BB6F38BE775B028AC050B438414507 Item id: usm:frame

# Optional initialFloorMaterial

initialFloorMaterial? : string

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.initialFloorMaterial

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:206

Set the floor material which is used when loading the configurator For different options see EnvironmentSetting

# Optional isItem

isItem? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.isItem

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:80

deprecated Set if the currently loaded id is an item or a configuration. In the new configurator UI this is determined automatically based on the id.

# Optional ls

ls? : string

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.ls

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:213

# Optional maxHorizontalCameraAngle

maxHorizontalCameraAngle? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.maxHorizontalCameraAngle

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:253

When set this param restricts the right/horizontal camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree) default: not set -> no camera angle restriction usage: maxHorizontalCameraAngle=45

# Optional maxVerticalCameraAngle

maxVerticalCameraAngle? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.maxVerticalCameraAngle

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:241

When set this param restricts the up/vertical camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree) default: not set -> no camera angle restriction usage: maxVerticalCameraAngle=45

# Optional meshSelection

meshSelection? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.meshSelection

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:164

When mesh selection is enabled, the meshes of the object are used directly for highlighting. Setting it to false could be useful for square/rectangular (shelf) items.

# Optional minHorizontalCameraAngle

minHorizontalCameraAngle? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.minHorizontalCameraAngle

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:247

When set this param restricts the left/horizontal camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree) default: not set -> no camera angle restriction usage: minHorizontalCameraAngle=45

# Optional minVerticalCameraAngle

minVerticalCameraAngle? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.minVerticalCameraAngle

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:235

When set this param restricts the down/vertical camera rotation to the given angle (e.g. 45 degree) default: not set -> no camera angle restriction usage: minVerticalCameraAngle=45

# Optional moc

moc? : boolean

Inherited from PlannerInitData.moc

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:305

If set to true it will treat the planner as a multi object configurator (moc). This means:

  • do not merge geometries
  • set configurator environment & lights in planner
  • reduce initial spacing of camera (higher zoom)

# Optional mode


Inherited from PlannerInitData.mode

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:291

Select with which camera mode to start initially. default: 3D usage: mode=2D options: 2D, 3D, FP

# Optional offlineSync

offlineSync? : string

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.offlineSync

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:190

deprecated Download all necessary files to run the configurator in offline mode

# Optional offset

offset? : CanvasOffset

Inherited from CommonInitData.offset

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:154

deprecated Change the offset of the camera. For example if you add a margin left (0.1 means 10%) then the item moves to the right. This value is overridden in the new configurator UI.

# Optional plusInPreview

plusInPreview? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.plusInPreview

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:201

deprecated If set to true we show a plus in the addon preview boxes.

# Optional precisionCm

precisionCm? : string

Inherited from CommonInitData.precisionCm

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:124

Set how many positions after the decimal point should be shown. For example: 123,45 -> precisionCm=2 -> 123,45 123,45 -> precisionCm=1 -> 123,5 123,45 -> precisionCm=0 -> 124

# Optional precisionInch

precisionInch? : string

Inherited from CommonInitData.precisionInch

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:116

Set how many positions after the decimal point should be shown. For example: 8' 1.68" -> precisionCm=2 -> 8' 1.68" 8' 1.68" -> precisionCm=1 -> 8' 1.7" 8' 1.68" -> precisionCm=0 -> 8' 2"

# Optional preloadHint

preloadHint? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.preloadHint

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:147


internal Same as preloadId, both call getPreloadForItem or getPreloadForConfiguration to pre load things needed for the configuration so that there are less XHR calls and the cache is pre-warmed Will no longer be used in the new configurator UI.

# Optional preloadId

preloadId? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.preloadId

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:95


internal Same as preloadHint, both call getPreloadForItem or getPreloadForConfiguration to pre load things needed for the configuration so that there are less XHR calls and the cache is pre-warmed Will no longer be used in the new configurator UI.

# Optional retina

retina? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.retina

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:67

deprecated Always use max resolution (device pixel ratio) available

# Optional showArButton

showArButton? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.showArButton

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:101

deprecated Set if the AR button should be shown. In the new configurator UI this is in the configurator settings object called buttons.

# Optional showInfos

showInfos? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.showInfos

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:266

deprecated Shows partlist if there are no prices

# Optional showPrice

showPrice? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.showPrice

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:271

deprecated Show price label using prices from configuration script

# Optional startTag

startTag? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.startTag

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:159

deprecated Add a tag id which is used to show different variations when opening the configurator

# Optional stats

stats? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.stats

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:166

if set to true it shows a little overlay with performance stats

# Optional transparentHighlighting

transparentHighlighting? : boolean

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.transparentHighlighting

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:261

If set to true, components which are between the camera and the selected component/preview will be rendered transparent default: false usage: transparentHighlighting=true

# Optional typeChangeTag

typeChangeTag? : RapiId

Inherited from CommonInitData.typeChangeTag

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:139

Add a tag id which is used to show different variations for the current item/configuration

# Optional unit

unit? : string

Inherited from CommonInitData.unit

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:129

Defines which unit should be used for measurements/dimensions Options: 'cm', 'mm', 'inchfeet'

# Optional unitStringType

unitStringType? : string

Inherited from CommonInitData.unitStringType

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:137

How the current unit should be formatted Options: 'none': No unit string added, for example '200' 'long': Long unit string, for example '200 meters' 'short': Short unit string, for example '200 m'

# Optional usePriceService

usePriceService? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.usePriceService

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:182

If set to true, prices are calculated using the Roomle price service. For more information ask your Roomle contact.

# Optional useRoomlePrice

useRoomlePrice? : boolean

Inherited from CommonInitData.useRoomlePrice

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:108


deprecated Use prices which are hardcoded in the configuration script. Only used for trade show demos.

# Optional zoomDistance

zoomDistance? : number

Inherited from ConfiguratorInitData.zoomDistance

Defined in packages/common-core/src/utils/shims.ts:223

Set the distance to which the user can zoom (in centimeters). default: object size divided by 10 or 10 cm usage: zoomDistance=3