# Rubens Configurator


Guides you through basic samples on how to use the Configurator Web SDK and how to create a basic app.


Learn how to integrate Rubens into your website or webshop. Wether you need a simple 3D viewer, a configurator, or a multi-object configurator, here is how to go about it.


The Roomle Web SDK comes into play when you want to develop your own user interface on top of the 3D scene of the Rubens Configurator. This is very handy because you do not need to learn any 3D "shenanigans" and can only focus on regular web frontend development.

# Content, 3D, Tools

Rubens Admin

The data management area to create and manage all your 3D data for the Rubens Configurator. Create static or configurable products, structure them in catalogs, request high quality renderings and much more.

Material Definition

Documentation on how to define material attributes for use in the Rubens Configurator. Find infos on base color, roughness, metallic, real-time rendering, texture resolution and many example files.

Blender Addon

Download and install the Roomle Blender Addon to export your scene into the Roomle Configurator Script format and export external mesh files which only use a fraction of space and load much faster.

Scripting Resources

Helps you setting up the scripting environment, first steps and examples for scripting. Reference for naming and language specific conventions.


Info to get you started with writing your own importer for Roomle.


The Roomle Importer converts the IDM data into Roomle data.


API Reference

Get an overview on the Roomle API, usage limits and look up available calls in the API reference.

# iOS

Sourcecode is available upon request. Please contact our Sales team for more information.


iOS Framework for the Roomle Rubens Configurator


Framework for displaying Roomle Content in AR


Framework for syncing and caching Roomle Catalog data