# Configurator

Getting started

Introduction to the key concepts of the Configurator Web SDK, prerequisites, asset paths and browser compatibility.


Guides you through basic samples how to use the Configurator Web SDK and how to create a basic app.

SDK Reference

Look up the interfaces provided by the Roomle Web SDK to communicate with the modules of the Configurator.


Embedding is used when you want to integrate the Configurator in websites or webshops.

# 3D & Content

Rubens 3D Data Creation and Management

Tutorials and FAQ for the Rubens 3D/AR data management area.

Material Definition

Docs how to define material attributes for use in the Roomle platform. Find many example texture JSON files.

Blender Addon

Download, install the Roomle Blender Addon to export Roomle Configurator Script format and external mesh files.

Scripting Resources

Helps you setting up the scripting environment, first steps and examples for scripting. Reference for naming and language specific conventions.


# API Reference