Here you get an overview which products we have and where you can find it in our documentation.

Welcome to Rubens! Whether you're a developer integrating our tools into your platform or a user seeking to understand the capabilities of our products, this documentation serves as your comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of Ruben's technology.


If you have troubles with your integration, feel free to ask us on Stackoverflow. Just make sure you are using the tag roomle so we get a notification.

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Roomle offers two primary methods for integrating our tools into your applications: Rubens Products (as iframe embedded) and SDK (Software Development Kit). While both approaches aim to provide seamless integration of Roomle functionalities, they differ in their implementation and use cases. Understanding the distinctions between these methods is crucial for determining the most suitable approach for your specific requirements. Both are managed in the Rubens Admin platform where the content is created in Roomle Script.

Rubens Products

Our Rubens UI is a powerful widely customisable user interface which can be integrated needlessly in every website. It is fully responsive and integrated as an iframe in your website. It is an easy to use solution which is completely controllable with api's from the outside.

We have 3 different products:

  • Rubens 3D Viewer & AR

    Our powerful 3D Viewer to show your 3D assets in best quality on every device. Moreover you can place it intuitively in your room with our Augment Reality feature.

  • Rubens Configurator

    The Rubens Configurator is a versatile tool that allows users to customise furniture, interior design elements and all other objects which can visualised in 3D. Even the most complex logic we can describe intuitively in our ready to use User Interface.

  • Rubens Room Designer

    Rubens Room Designer offers an intuitive interface for effortless furniture arrangement and interior design. With its minimalist design and user-friendly controls, users can easily drag and drop furniture items to create stylish and functional room layouts in minutes

SDK (Software Development Kit)

With our SDK it is possible to integrate our 3D scene with a completely custom user interface. All buttons, controls, etc. are implemented by the customer, which makes the Rubens SDK the perfect fit if you want to have your own configurator which is exactly designed for your needs and in your corporate identity.

Rubens Admin

Rubens Admin is a comprehensive management tool designed for creating and optimizing in rubens visualised 3D objects. With features such as user management, project monitoring, and analytics reporting, Rubens Admin empowers organizations to effectively manage their design initiatives and drive success. You can learn everything about it in the section Rubens Admin.

Content Creation

Everything which is shown in our 3D scene belongs to a rubens content definition. Each content which created in rubens is described by our own scripting language "Roomle Script". In the section Content Creation you can learn everything to create rubens objects by your own.

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