# PlanSnapshotController

# Overview

# Description

Path /v2/planSnapshots

Handles all requests regarding planSnapshots: getting and creating. Updating and deleting is not possible.

A PlanSnapshot is a saved version of a current state of a plan. It stores everything that is needed to use this data standalone in a webshop context.

It can be seen like Configurations which are a snapshot of the current state within a configurator.

It is important to understand that a PlanSnapshot can have a plan as parentId (the planning started with this plan) but has no further connection to plans.

# PlanSnapshot JSON Object

An example for a planSnapshot JSON object.

                    "combinedId": "catalogExtId:itemExtId",
                    "location": "locationString"
                {   "combinedId": "catalogExtId:itemExtId:configuration",
                    "location": "aLocationString"
                {   "combinedId": "catalogExtId:itemExtId:configuration",
                    "location": "anotherLocationString"
            "combinedIds" [

# fields

  • id - String - uniqueId of a planSnapshot
  • parentId - String - uniqueId of a planSnapshot that is previous version of the current one or of a plan which the snapshot originates from
  • created - Long - unix timestamp
  • updated - Long - unix timestamp
  • planObjects - List of Jsons - each json is an object in the plan, composed of two fields - combinedId and location
  • combinedIds - List of Strings - the list of unique combinedIds in the planSnapshot
  • embedId - String - the id of the configurator where the planSnapshot was created
  • perspectiveImage - String - link to the perspective image of the planSnapshot
  • topImage - String - link to the top image of the planSnapshot
  • plan - String - the plan XML generated by the core

# API Reference

# POST /

Accepts: json

Generates: json

standard way to create a new planSnapshot with the given content.

The post should contain:

  • parentId
  • planObjects
  • plan

Other fields will either generate an error or be overridden.

Returns a PlanSnapshotContainer json with the created planSnapshot.

# GET /:id

Accepts: json

Generates: json

Returns a PlanSnapshotContainer json with the planSnapshot whose id is specified.

# PUT /:id

Accepts: multipart-formdata

Generates: json

Path :

  • id - String - id of the PlanSnapshot to update Content:
  • file - body - the data to be uploaded (image, ...)
  • type - String - the type of asset

Possible types:

  • perspectiveImage - returned as a link in the json field "perspectiveImage"
  • topImage - returned as a link in the json field "topImage"

Returns a PlanSnapshotContainer json with the updated planSnapshot object.