# PriceServiceController

# Overview

# Description

Path /v2/priceServices

Handles all requests regarding priceService: creating, updating, deleting.

Requirement: Super admin rights

# PriceService JSON Object

An example for a priceService JSON object.

    "usedFor":[{"catalog":"catalog1","country":"at", "active":true }, 
                {"catalog":"catalog1", "active":true} ] 

# fields

  • id : identifies a price service (required)
  • active : activate/deactivate a price service
  • owner : tenant number of the price service (required)
  • type : type of price service (required)
  • settings : settings for the price service
  • usedFor : list the catalog where this price service is used. (required)

# API Reference

# GET /

Generates: json

  • type: of your price service, there is currently only GenericPriceService
  • settings: a json as string serialized for your GenericPriceService, you have to add property method and url
  • usedFor: an array of all catalog to country connections. If country is null, then this price service the default for this catalog.
    "priceServices": <priceServiceJsonObject>

# POST /

Accepts: json

Generates: json

Requires super admin rights, for creating a new price service which is used to query prices for a specific catalog and country. If you create a catalog to country connection without any country set or country = null, this will be used as default for all countries for this catalog. You can see in the GETs JSON example with "usedFor", how these connections can be created.


    "priceService": <updatedPriceServiceJsonObject>

# PUT /:id

Accepts: json

Generates: json

for updating a specific price service. For the connections you have to append all needed "usedFor" entries, because any missing one will be deleted.