# RoomleUserManagerError


  • Cases
    • userHasToAcceptTermsAndConditions
    • identificationNotValid
    • passwordTooShort
    • emailOrPasswordWrong
    • authentification
    • userProfile
    • userTenants
    • userHasToBeLoggedIn
    • tenantSwitchNotAllowed
    • userIsAlreadyRegistered
public enum RoomleUserManagerError : Int, Error

All possible errors which are thrown if user information is incorrect or any error occured while interacting with RoomleUserManager.

# Cases

# userHasToAcceptTermsAndConditions

case userHasToAcceptTermsAndConditions

Is thrown if user tries to register without accepting our terms and conditions.

# identificationNotValid

case identificationNotValid

Is thrown if given identification (email) is not valid

# passwordTooShort

case passwordTooShort

Is thrown if given password is equal or smaller than 2 characters

# emailOrPasswordWrong

case emailOrPasswordWrong

Is thrown if given email or password is wrong

# authentification

case authentification

Is thrown if there was an error while parsing authentification object

# userProfile

case userProfile

Is thrown if there was an error while parsing user profile object

# userTenants

case userTenants

Is thrown if there was an error while parsing tenant object

# userHasToBeLoggedIn

case userHasToBeLoggedIn

Is thrown if a user has to be logged in, in order to execute this function

# tenantSwitchNotAllowed

case tenantSwitchNotAllowed

Is thrown if given tenant does not belong to logged in users' tenants

# userIsAlreadyRegistered

case userIsAlreadyRegistered

Is thrown if given user is already registered