# RoomleCatalog for iOS

RoomleCatalog.framework is the iOS framework for downloading and caching Roomle Catalog data.

# Requirements

RoomleCatalog.framework requires an iOS app with an deployment target of iOS 13.0 or later.

# Installation

# Swift Package Manager (Xcode 11 and above)

  • In Xcode, select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency
  • Select your project > search or enter package dependency URL
  • Paste https://gitlab.com/roomle/consumer/RoomleCatalog.
  • Setup Package Rules: Use default values or customize based on your needs
  • Add Package to desired Products and Targets

# Usage

Import the RoomleCatalogData module in your desired class:

import RoomleCatalogData

Declare a local variable in your class of type RoomleDataManager:

var dataManager: RoomleDataManager?

Then instanciate the RoomleDataManager in viewDidLoad, and set a delegate if you want to get notified about the progress while syncing.

dataManager = try? RoomleDataManagerFactory.create()
dataManager?.delegate = self

You are now ready to sync your catalogs. Choose the type of the sync, either a quick or a full one, optional with images:

dataManager?.syncCatalogs(type: .quick)

The methods in RoomleDataManagerDelegate will report the progess of the sync and when it is finished.

Please refer to the documentation (opens new window) a more information.

# Credentials

To connect securely to Roomle Cloud Services, you need to add the RoomleConfig.plist file to the main target of your app. If the file is not found we will force a crash of the app.

Please contact your Roomle sales representive for further informations.

# Reference Documentation

# Protocols

# Classes

# Enums

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