# ConfiguratorController

# Description

Path /v2/configurators

Handles all requests regarding a configurator. Creating, deleting and requesting all configurator is not allowed.

Requirement: A valid token/apiKey is required to get a specific configurator.

# Configuration JSON Object

An example for a configurator JSON object.

        "settings": {
            "settings1": "value1",
            "settings2": "value2",
            "settings3": "value3",
            "settings4": "value4"

# fields

  • id
  • allowedHosts
  • tenant
  • settings
  • url
  • SDK_access

# API Reference

# GET /:id/

Returns the configurator with the specified id

Accepts: json

Generates: json


  • id : configurator id

# POST /

creates a configurator for this tenant. The configurator-id is the name of the tenant. Only users with TenantManagement rights in this tenant are allowed to call it.

Accepts: json

Generates: json

# Settings json - possible key:value pairs

  • deeplink : deep.link.to/configurator/of/tenant

this deeplink contains a placeholder #CONFIGURATIONID#, to be replaced with the configuration ID. It is used so that the configuration can be opened withing the store/page, where the configurator is embeded.