# Real Configurator Examples - Chairs, Armchairs, Footstools

Component Definition Live link Description
chair_Glove_Sessel.json http://rml.co/UcQt Simple chair, constant geometry with 3 material selectors.
chair_Tiny_Hocker.json http://rml.co/UKop Simple footstool in two sizes, possibility to change materials.
chair_rolfbenz_freistil138_master.json http://rml.co/UaKq A simple chair with possibility to change material. Can dock itself in a straight line, if the definition from this link is loaded.
chair_Hocker_Jenson.json; chair_Sessel_Jenson.json http://rml.co/UHt7 Armchair with a footstool that is dockable in front of it.
chair_hussl_st6n.json http://rml.co/UETb A chair configurator. Contains a lot of chairs in different colours.