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# Class: RoomleConfigurator

# Hierarchy

# Implements

# Index

# Constructors

# Properties

# Accessors

# Methods

# Object literals

# Constructors

# constructor

+ new RoomleConfigurator(creator: string): RoomleConfigurator

Overrides AbstractParameter.constructor

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:150


Name Type
creator string

Returns: RoomleConfigurator

# Properties

# creator

creator: string

Implementation of Context.creator

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:74

# args

args: any

Inherited from AbstractParameter.args

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:252

Named arguments passed to the component from its parent component. They can be accessed in JavaScript via this.args.argumentName and in the template via @argumentName.

Say you have the following component, which will have two args, firstName and lastName:

<my-component @firstName="Arthur" @lastName="Dent" />

If you needed to calculate fullName by combining both of them, you would do:

didInsertElement() {
  console.log(`Hi, my full name is ${this.args.firstName} ${this.args.lastName}`);

While in the template you could do:

<p>Welcome, {{@firstName}} {{@lastName}}!</p>

# bounds

bounds: Bounds

Inherited from AbstractParameter.bounds

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:205

Contains the first and last DOM nodes of a component's rendered template. These nodes can be used to traverse all of the DOM nodes that belong to a particular component.

Note that a component's first and last nodes can change over time, if the beginning or ending of the template is dynamic. You should always access bounds directly at the time a node is needed to ensure you are acting on up-to-date nodes.

# Examples

For components with a single root element, this.bounds.firstNode and this.bounds.lastNode are the same.

<div class="user-profile">
  <Avatar @user={{user}} />
export default class extends Component {
  didInsertElement() {
    let { firstNode, lastNode } = this.bounds;
    console.log(firstNode === lastNode); // true
    console.log(firstNode.className); // "user-profile"

For components with multiple root nodes, this.bounds.firstNode refers to the first node in the template and this.bounds.lastNode refers to the last:

Welcome to Glimmer.js!
<span>Let's build some components!</span>
<img src="logo.png">
export default class extends Component {
  didInsertElement() {
    let { firstNode, lastNode } = this.bounds;

    // Walk all of the DOM siblings from the
    // firstNode to the lastNode and push their
    // nodeName into an array.
    let node = firstNode;
    let names = [firstNode.nodeName];
    do {
      node = node.nextSibling;
    } while (node !== lastNode);

    // ["#text", "SPAN", "IMG"]

The bounds can change if the template has dynamic content at the beginning or the end:

{{#if user.isAdmin}}
  <span class="warning">Admin</span>
  Normal User

In this example, the firstNode will change between a span element and a TextNode as the user.isAdmin property changes.

# debugName

debugName: string | null

Inherited from AbstractParameter.debugName

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:226

Development-mode only name of the component, useful for debugging.

# element

element: HTMLElement

Inherited from AbstractParameter.element

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:222

The element corresponding to the main element of the component's template. The main element is the element in the template that has ...attributes set on it:

<div class="contents" ...attributes>

In this example, this.element would be the div with the class contents.

You should not try to access this property until after the component's didInsertElement() lifecycle hook is called.

# Accessors

# callbacks

get callbacks(): ConfiguratorUiCallbacks

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1364

Return ConfiguratorUiCallbacks to override

Returns: ConfiguratorUiCallbacks

# initLabel

get initLabel(): any

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:116

Returns: any

# isCloseable

get isCloseable(): boolean

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:129

Returns: boolean

# isNotInitTag

get isNotInitTag(): boolean

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:124

Returns: boolean

# Methods

# cancelDockings

cancelDockings(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:579

Remove/cancel all dockings/ghosts

Returns: void

# cancelSelection

cancelSelection(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:539

Cancels the selection of all currently selected components

Returns: void

# changeFloorMaterial

changeFloorMaterial(material: RapiMaterial): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1034

Sets the material of the floor to the given RapiMaterial. If the current environment is not floor environment it will be changed


Name Type
material RapiMaterial

Returns: Promise‹void›

promise that resolves when material has been changed

# changeFloorMaterialById

changeFloorMaterialById(materialId: string): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1058

Sets the material of the floor to the given material id. If the current environment is not floor environment it will be changed

Example material ids are: roomle_floor:DresdenEiche roomle_floor:Ibiza roomle_floor:Palma roomle_floor:Elba roomle_floor:Manacor roomle_floor:KernEiche roomle_floor:KieferScandic roomle_floor:EicheHabsburg roomle_floor:FuldaKiefer roomle_floor:Ashton roomle_floor:EicheLondon


Name Type
materialId string

Returns: Promise‹void›

promise that resolves when material has been changed

# changeOffset

changeOffset(offset: CanvasOffset): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:561

Change the camera offset, see CanvasOffset for more details


Name Type Description
offset CanvasOffset

Returns: void

# cleanup

cleanup(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1320

Clears the scene and all components/meshes. Also unregisters configurator callbacks in kernel.

Returns: void

# destroy

destroy(): void

Inherited from AbstractParameter.destroy

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:280

Returns: void

# didInsertElement

didInsertElement(): void

Overrides AbstractParameter.didInsertElement

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:136

Returns: void

# didUpdate

didUpdate(): void

Inherited from AbstractParameter.didUpdate

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:275

Called when the component has updated and rerendered itself. Called only during a rerender, not during an initial render.

Returns: void

# disableHD

disableHD(): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1412

Returns: Promise‹void›

# disableHDGeometry

disableHDGeometry(): Promise‹unknown›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:553

Disable the use of HD Geometry

Returns: Promise‹unknown›

# disableMultiselect

disableMultiselect(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:929

Disable selection of multiple components. By default only one component can be selected at a time

Returns: void

# displayBubble

displayBubble(bubbleText: string): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:452


Name Type
bubbleText string

Returns: void

# enableHD

enableHD(source?: DynamicLightSettingSource): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1401


Name Type
source? DynamicLightSettingSource

Returns: Promise‹void›

# enableHDGeometry

enableHDGeometry(): Promise‹unknown›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:546

Enable the use of HD geometry. Also reloads the object with HD geometry enabled

Returns: Promise‹unknown›

# enableMeshSelection

enableMeshSelection(enabled: boolean): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1283

By default the outline pass uses the bounding box mesh of each component to highlight the object. When mesh selection is enabled, the meshes of the object are used directly. This is the recommended setting for non square/rectangular (shelf) components like sofas.


Name Type Description
enabled boolean

Returns: void

# enableMultiselect

enableMultiselect(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:921

Enable the selection of multiple components. Common parameters shared between those components can then be changed at once

Returns: void

# formatValueToUnitString

formatValueToUnitString(value: number, parameter: KernelParameter): string | number

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:979

Returns the formatted value based on the parameter.unitType


Name Type Description
value number -
parameter KernelParameter

Returns: string | number

# generateImagesOfCurrentConfiguration

generateImagesOfCurrentConfiguration(): Promise‹object›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:692

Generates images of the current configuration

Returns: Promise‹object›

Promise containing the topImage, perspectgetAdditionalContentsOfiveImage and a boolean isLocally which indicates if the images were generated while being offline

# getAdditionalContentsOf

getAdditionalContentsOf(rapiItems: RapiItem[]): Promise‹RapiAdditionalContent[]›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1086

It is possible to add additional content to a configurable-item in our backend for example, product images, product videos etc. To fetch them you can use this method


Name Type Description
rapiItems RapiItem[]

Returns: Promise‹RapiAdditionalContent[]›

# getCameraOffset

getCameraOffset(): CanvasOffset

Implementation of GlobalAPI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1302

Returns: CanvasOffset

# getConfiguratorSettings

getConfiguratorSettings(id: RapiId): Promise‹RapiConfiguratorSettings

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1633

Get the data which is assigned to the configurator object, especially things like allowed hosts


Name Type
id RapiId

Returns: Promise‹RapiConfiguratorSettings

# getCurrentConfiguration

getCurrentConfiguration(): Promise‹ConfigurationString

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:937

Returns: Promise‹ConfigurationString

Promise with the current configuration string/hash

# getCurrentConfigurationHash

getCurrentConfigurationHash(): Promise‹ConfigurationHash

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1389

returns the current configuration hash, this can be used for analytics or other stuff like caching etc

Returns: Promise‹ConfigurationHash

string current configuration hash

# getCurrentSelection

getCurrentSelection(): string[]

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1393

Returns: string[]

# getParameterGroups

getParameterGroups(): KernelParameterGroup[]

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1626

Get all parameter groups defined on the component, even if it has no parameters assigned

Returns: KernelParameterGroup[]

# getParametersOfPlanObject

getParametersOfPlanObject(): Promise‹KernelParameter[]›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:891

Returns all parameters which correspond to the plan object. This is also exposed for embedding

Returns: Promise‹KernelParameter[]›

# getParametersOfRootComponent

getParametersOfRootComponent(): Promise‹KernelParameter[]›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:912

Returns all parameters which correspond to the root component. This is also exposed for embedding

Returns: Promise‹KernelParameter[]›

# getRuntimeComponentIdOfRootComponent

getRuntimeComponentIdOfRootComponent(): number

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1372

Returns the runtime component id of root component of the current plan object

Returns: number

number the number of the runtime id of the root component

# getScene

getScene(): Scene

Implementation of GlobalAPI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:165

Returns: Scene

# getShortUrlOfCurrentConfiguration

getShortUrlOfCurrentConfiguration(): Promise‹string›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:956

Returns: Promise‹string›

Promise containing the short url for the current configuration

# getTagById

getTagById(tagId: RapiId, options?: object): Promise‹RapiTagForUi

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:990

Get tag for a given tag id


tagId: RapiId

Optional options: object

{ include: RAPI_PATHS[] }

Name Type
include RAPI_PATHS[]

Returns: Promise‹RapiTagForUi

Promise containing the tag including items and materials for that tag

# hideDimensions

hideDimensions(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1145

Hides dimensions when they are shown (see showDimensions). Calling hideDimensions does not force dimensions to be always hidden.

See onDimensionsVisibilityChange to get notified when dimension visibility changes

Returns: void

# init

init(element: HTMLElement, initData?: InitDataDefinition): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:519

This method has to be called before configurator is ready to use


Name Type Description
element HTMLElement which should contain the configurator
initData? InitDataDefinition -

Returns: Promise‹void›

Promise which is resolved when configurator is initialized

# isReady

isReady(): void

Implementation of ConfiguratorKernelAccessCallbackI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1419

Returns: void

# loadComponentIntoKernel

loadComponentIntoKernel(componentString: string): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:948

Loads the component (defined as string) into the kernel


Name Type
componentString string

Returns: Promise‹void›

Promise which gets resolved when the component has been loaded

# loadConfigurableItemById

loadConfigurableItemById(itemId: RapiId, initData?: InitDataDefinition): Promise‹object›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:793

Loads a configuration based on the item id


Name Type Description
itemId RapiId -
initData? InitDataDefinition

Returns: Promise‹object›

# loadConfiguration

loadConfiguration(configuration: ConfigurationString, initData?: InitDataDefinition): Promise‹object›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:754

Loads an item based on a configuration string

For example: {"componentId":"muuto:Muuto-Stacked"}


Name Type Description
configuration ConfigurationString -
initData? InitDataDefinition

Returns: Promise‹object›

# loadConfigurationById

loadConfigurationById(configurationId: RapiId, initData?: InitDataDefinition): Promise‹object›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:772

Loads an item based on a configuration hash

For example: koinor:FORMIA_LeftGroup:79FBF0D6C79A2598B5FF943111EA29DC0C6884AA97F4383582B47F69C14DDB2C


Name Type Description
configurationId RapiId -
initData? InitDataDefinition

Returns: Promise‹object›

# loadDynamicLightSetting

loadDynamicLightSetting(source: DynamicLightSettingSource): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1235

Loads a dynamic light settings into the scene. The dynamic light setting source can be an object (js), json, or an url (url to json). See SceneSettings how to define it.


"lights": [
"type": "rectarea",
"name": "main",
"intensity": 240,
"color": "#ffffff",
"position": {
"x": -0.5,
"y": 6,
"z": 3
"target": {
"x": 0,
"y": 0,
"z": 0
"castShadow": true,
"width": 0.8,
"height": 0.8
"type": "spot",
"name": "side",
"intensity": 0.3,
"color": "#ffffff",
"position": {
"x": 2,
"y": 3,
"z": 1.5
"target": {
"x": 0,
"y": 0.1,
"z": 0
"castShadow": false,
"angle": 50,
"penumbra": 0.5
"type": "ambient",
"name": "ambient",
"intensity": 0.3,
"color": "#ffffff",
"position": {
"x": 0,
"y": 0,
"z": 0


Name Type Description
source DynamicLightSettingSource

Returns: Promise‹void›

# loadError

loadError(error?: any): void

Implementation of ConfiguratorKernelAccessCallbackI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1598


Name Type
error? any

Returns: void

# loadSceneSetting

loadSceneSetting(sceneSettings: SceneSettings): Promise‹object›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1272

Loads a SceneSettings object, currently it can can contain a light setting definition (see loadDynamicLightSetting) and an environment definition (see EnvironmentSetting).


Name Type Description
sceneSettings SceneSettings

Returns: Promise‹object›

# moveCamera

moveCamera(cameraParameter: CameraParameter): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1637


Name Type
cameraParameter CameraParameter

Returns: Promise‹void›

# onCloseAr

onCloseAr(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:437

Returns: void

# onCloseBubble

onCloseBubble(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:459

Returns: void

# onCloseOverlay

onCloseOverlay(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:397

Returns: void

# onCloseOverlayAfterTag

onCloseOverlayAfterTag(ensuresInitialization: boolean): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:382


Name Type
ensuresInitialization boolean

Returns: void

# onCloseShare

onCloseShare(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:433

Returns: void

# onCloseToast

onCloseToast(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:327

Returns: void

# onConfigurationLoaded

onConfigurationLoaded(__namedParameters: object): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:216


Default value __namedParameters: object= {}

Name Type Default
partListData any null

Returns: void

# onIsInitialized

onIsInitialized(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:232

Returns: void

# onOpenAr

onOpenAr(configurationId: string): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:429


Name Type
configurationId string

Returns: void

# onOpenInfo

onOpenInfo(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:412

Returns: void

# onOpenInitTag

onOpenInitTag(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:401

Returns: void

# onOpenLoad

onOpenLoad(tag: PlaceholderTag): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:408


Name Type
tag PlaceholderTag

Returns: void

# onOpenShare

onOpenShare(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:421

Returns: void

# onPrintClicked

onPrintClicked(): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:515

Returns: void

# onRemove

onRemove(id: RapiId): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:363


Name Type
id RapiId

Returns: void

# onSaveConfiguration

onSaveConfiguration(): Promise‹unknown›

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:479

Returns: Promise‹unknown›

# pauseKernelCallbacks

pauseKernelCallbacks(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1610

Returns: void

# preLoadConfigurableItemById

preLoadConfigurableItemById(itemId: RapiId): Promise‹RapiItem

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:812

Downloads and caches the selected item id for faster use


Name Type Description
itemId RapiId

Returns: Promise‹RapiItem

# preLoadConfigurationById

preLoadConfigurationById(configurationId: RapiId): Promise‹RapiConfiguration

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:804

Downloads and caches the selected configuration id for faster use


Name Type Description
configurationId RapiId

Returns: Promise‹RapiConfiguration

# preparePartImage

preparePartImage(partId: number, options?: PrepareImageOptions | number): Promise‹Base64Image

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:611

Generates an image of one part (slightly from the side) and returns it as base 64 WARNING: It's only possible to render one sub part at a time

  • @param partId id of the sub part, received from part list
  • @param size size of the rendered image in pixel (default is 256), will render faster when size is smaller


Name Type
partId number
options? PrepareImageOptions | number

Returns: Promise‹Base64Image

# preparePerspectiveImage

preparePerspectiveImage(options: PrepareImageOptions): Promise‹Base64Image

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:601

Generates a perspective image (slightly from the side) and returns it as base 64


Name Type Default
options PrepareImageOptions {}

Returns: Promise‹Base64Image

# prepareTopImage

prepareTopImage(options?: PrepareTopImageOptions | boolean): Promise‹Base64Image

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:704

Generates a top image (birds perspective) and returns it as base 64


Name Type
options? PrepareTopImageOptions | boolean

Returns: Promise‹Base64Image

# previewDockings

previewDockings(possibleChild: UiPossibleChild, dragEvent?: DragEvent, dragIn?: boolean): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:572

Shows dockings/ghosts for the selected possible child


Name Type Description
possibleChild UiPossibleChild -
dragEvent? DragEvent -
dragIn? boolean

Returns: void

# removeTypeChangeTag

removeTypeChangeTag(rapiId: RapiId): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1106

Just calls onRemoveTypeChangeTag on ConfiguratorUiCallbacks


Name Type Description
rapiId RapiId

Returns: void

# renderImage

renderImage(renderOptions: RenderOptions): Promise‹Base64Image

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:594

Renders the current item in high quality, it also uses the current lightsetting


Name Type Description
renderOptions RenderOptions

Returns: Promise‹Base64Image

# requestAsset

requestAsset(url: string): AssetUrl

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1023

Returns same url when online or caches url when offline


Name Type Description
url string

Returns: AssetUrl

# requestDeleteComponent

requestDeleteComponent(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:586

Deletes the currently selected component if possible

Returns: void

# resetCameraPosition

resetCameraPosition(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:725

Resets the camera back to the start position

Returns: void

# resumeKernelCallbacks

resumeKernelCallbacks(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1605

Returns: void

# saveCurrentConfiguration

saveCurrentConfiguration(): Promise‹RapiConfigurationEnhanced

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:634

Saves the current configuration (parameters etc) and returns a new configuration object including the configuration hash

Returns: Promise‹RapiConfigurationEnhanced

# setActiveGroupInView

setActiveGroupInView(group: string): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1619

Set the name of the parameter group which is selected at the moment


Name Type Description
group string

Returns: void

# setCameraOffset

setCameraOffset(offset: CanvasOffset): void

Implementation of GlobalAPI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1298


Name Type
offset CanvasOffset

Returns: void

# setOverrides

setOverrides(initData: InitDataDefinition & GlobalInitDataDefinition): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:503

Set general configuration parameter


Name Type Description
initData InitDataDefinition & GlobalInitDataDefinition

Returns: void

# setParameter

setParameter(parameter: KernelParameter, value: string, isRaw: boolean): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:847

Sets the parameter of the selected component. If nothing is selected the parameters of the parameters of the plan object are set


Name Type Default Description
parameter KernelParameter - a instance of the kernel parameter we want to set
value string - the value we want to set on the parameter
isRaw boolean false turn this to true if you dont want the kernel to parse the value string, e.g. convert 100cm to 1000

Returns: Promise‹void›

# setParameterOfPlanObject

setParameterOfPlanObject(parameter: KernelParameter, value: string): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:876

Method to set a parameter on the plan object. This is used by embedding as well


Name Type Description
parameter KernelParameter a instance of the kernel parameter we want to set
value string the value we want to set on the parameter

Returns: Promise‹void›

# setParameterOfRootComponent

setParameterOfRootComponent(parameter: KernelParameter, value: string): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:901

Method to set a parameter on the root component. This is used by embedding as well


Name Type Description
parameter KernelParameter a instance of the kernel parameter we want to set
value string the value we want to set on the parameter

Returns: Promise‹void›

# showDimensions

showDimensions(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1135

Show dimensions (width, height, depth) of object

See onDimensionsVisibilityChange to get notified when dimension visibility changes

Returns: void

# showGUI

showGUI(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1110

Returns: void

# showStats

showStats(): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1126

Show overlay with statistic data for: fps memory in MB number of draw calls number of poly/triangle count number of geometries number of textures

Returns: void

# syncCatalog

syncCatalog(catalogId: RapiId): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1153

Start sync of catalog to make it offline available


Name Type Description
catalogId RapiId

Returns: Promise‹void›

# syncFloorTag

syncFloorTag(tagId: RapiId): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1161

Start sync of floor tag to make it offline available


Name Type Description
tagId RapiId

Returns: Promise‹void›

# syncPlanObjectToView

syncPlanObjectToView(conversationId: number, objectId: number): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:779


Name Type
conversationId number
objectId number

Returns: void

# syncTypeChangeTag

syncTypeChangeTag(tagId: RapiId): Promise‹void›

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1169

Start sync of type change tag to make it offline available


Name Type Description
tagId RapiId

Returns: Promise‹void›

# toString

toString(): string

Inherited from AbstractParameter.toString

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:281

Returns: string

# toggleFullscreen

toggleFullscreen(isFullscreen: boolean): void

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:331


Name Type
isFullscreen boolean

Returns: void

# updateParameters

updateParameters(parameters: KernelParameter[], parameterGroups: KernelParameterGroup[], elementId: number | number[], parameterUpdateType: PARAMETER_UPDATE_TYPE): void

Implementation of ConfiguratorKernelAccessCallbackI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1558


Name Type
parameters KernelParameter[]
parameterGroups KernelParameterGroup[]
elementId number | number[]

Returns: void

# updatePossibleChildren

updatePossibleChildren(elementId: number, children: KernelPossibleChild[], parameterUpdateType?: PARAMETER_UPDATE_TYPE): void

Implementation of ConfiguratorKernelAccessCallbackI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1434


Name Type
elementId number
children KernelPossibleChild[]
parameterUpdateType? PARAMETER_UPDATE_TYPE

Returns: void

# updateScene

updateScene(): void

Implementation of GlobalAPI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:169

Returns: void

# updateSize

updateSize(): void

Implementation of GlobalAPI

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1294

This function has to be called when the size of the container (the html element which has been used in the init method) changes It is VERY important to call this method because the SDK can not detect if the DOM element which embeds the canvas of the 3D scene changes in size

Returns: void

# willDestroy

willDestroy(): void

Inherited from AbstractParameter.willDestroy

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:279

Called before the component has been removed from the DOM.

Returns: void

# zoomIn

zoomIn(value?: number): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1349

Moves the camera closer to the object. Default value (when no value given) is 4, higher value moves a bigger distance.


Name Type Description
value? number

Returns: void

# zoomOut

zoomOut(value?: number): void

Defined in packages/configurator-core/src/roomle-configurator.ts:1357

Moves the camera away from the object. Default value (when no value given) is 4, higher value moves a bigger distance.


Name Type Description
value? number

Returns: void

# Static create

create(injections: any): Component

Inherited from AbstractParameter.create

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/node_modules/@glimmer/component/dist/types/src/component.d.ts:257


Name Type
injections any

Returns: Component

# Object literals

# partList

#partList: object

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:76

# data

data: KernelPart[] = null as KernelPartList

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:76

# state

#state: object

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:78

# bubbleText

bubbleText: string = ""

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:104

# configurationId

configurationId: string = ""

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:112

# currentDimensions

currentDimensions: KernelBoundsFormatted = null as KernelBoundsFormatted

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:109

# currentLabel

currentLabel: string = ""

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:108

# currentPerspectiveImage

currentPerspectiveImage: null = null

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:107

# hasTag

hasTag: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:83

# hideBubble

hideBubble: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:105

# initTag

initTag: null = null

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:82

# initialMultiselect

initialMultiselect: boolean = true

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:100

# isActionbarIntersected

isActionbarIntersected: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:86

# isArOpen

isArOpen: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:111

# isBottomIntersected

isBottomIntersected: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:89

# isBubbleOpen

isBubbleOpen: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:96

# isConfigurationLoaded

isConfigurationLoaded: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:90

# isError

isError: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:94

# isFirefoxOnAndroid

isFirefoxOnAndroid: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:110

# isInfoOpen

isInfoOpen: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:93

# isInitTag

isInitTag: boolean = true

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:95

# isInitialized

isInitialized: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:85

# isOfflineError

isOfflineError: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:91

# isPrint

isPrint: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:97

# isShareOpen

isShareOpen: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:87

# isSidebarIntersected

isSidebarIntersected: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:88

# isTagOpen

isTagOpen: boolean = false

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:92

# numSavedConfigurations

numSavedConfigurations: number = 0

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:106

# price

price: null = null

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:80

# tagToShow

tagToShow: RapiTag | PlaceholderTag = null as RapiTag | PlaceholderTag

Defined in packages/glimmer-ui/configurator-ui/src/ui/components/RoomleConfigurator/component.ts:99