# User administration

# Invite a new user

NOTE: Multiple users are not supported in Level 1.

If you want to add a new user to your tenent, navigate to User management on the dashboard. Click on the red plus button in the Users list. Enter the Email address of the user you want to invite. Assign the desired Roles by clicking on the red plus and selecting the respective role. You can assign as many roles as you like.

To send the invitation, click on SAVE. The user will now automatically receive an email in which he must confirm his address to create his account.

# User settings

Manage your personal settings like name, email address and password. When you are logged in, there is an avatar icon in the top right corner. Click on the icon, then on your email address to open the user settings of your account.

# Edit personal data

Under User profile, enter First name and Last name and click SAVE to save your changes. DISCARD will reset your changes.

In this section you can also find the information when your account was registered and when you logged in the last time.

# Change email address

Under Change email address, enter the new email address and your password and click CHANGE. You will receive an email when the email address was successfully changed.

# Change password

Under Change password, you have to enter the Old password and New password and click SAVE PASSWORD.