# Sample products and files

# Basic product

If you do not have 3D data files at hand, you can use our already created sample products. Display or hide the sample products at the top of the overview by opening the menu in the right upper corner and select the Show sample products or Hide sample products entry.

Or use our sample files to create a product by yourself:

# 3D model samples

# Configurable product

Configurable products are based on components. If you do not have ready components to use in your products, you can use one of the sample components.

  1. Navigate to Catalog management
  2. Choose a catalog and select Components
  3. Click on the three vertical dots menu on the upper right corner of the components table
  4. Select Show sample Components
  5. Choose one sample component and open the detail view
  6. Copy the External identifier of the component and create and configure a new product with it
  7. For more details read the create configurable products section