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# Interface: UiInitData


# Hierarchy

  • InitDataDefinition

  • GlobalInitDataDefinition


# Table of contents

# Properties

# Properties

# api

Optional api: boolean

if set to true you can load the configurator in an iframe.src but without any embedding lib This is needed if you do not want to interact with the configurator and only want to use it to view 3d content. Imagine it then as a tag for 3d content

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:120 (opens new window)

# applyCurrentGlobalParameters

Optional applyCurrentGlobalParameters: boolean

set this flag to false and global parameters are not applied when switching variants default: true

# Overrides


# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:167 (opens new window)

# buttons

Optional buttons: Object

# Index signature

▪ [key: string]: boolean | undefined

# Type declaration

Name Type
2dview? boolean
3dview? boolean
add_room? boolean
addons? boolean
ar? boolean
dimensions? boolean
export3d? boolean
fullscreen? boolean
multiselect? boolean
partlist? boolean
partlist_planner? boolean
pauseconfigure? boolean
redo? boolean
renderimage? boolean
requestproduct? boolean
resetcamera? boolean
savedraft? boolean
snapping? boolean
startPlanner? boolean
startconfigure? boolean
undo? boolean

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:66 (opens new window)

# catalogRootTag

Optional catalogRootTag: string

define the root tag of your catalog

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:187 (opens new window)

# constructionRootTag

Optional constructionRootTag: string

define the root tag of the construction elements, default is "construction_moc" when moc=true and null otherwise

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:192 (opens new window)

Optional deeplink: string

Set this parameter to use your custom share url. The provided url has to contain a configuration id parameter (#CONFIGURATIONID#) which will be replaced with the real configuration id. default: not set -> use Roomle short url service (linking to roomle.com domain) usage: http://www.example.com/configurator?id=#CONFIGURATIONID#

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:107 (opens new window)

# doorMaterialRootTag

Optional doorMaterialRootTag: string

define the root tag of the materials that can be used for doors

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:207 (opens new window)

# emails

Optional emails: boolean

if this is set to true the "save draft" will be done by sending an e-mail

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:125 (opens new window)

# extCatalog

Optional extCatalog: string

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:265 (opens new window)

# featureFlags

Optional featureFlags: UiFeatureFlags

this is an object which is for Roomle internal usage, we can set feature flags so that we can ensure a smooth transition between different versions of our configurator

# Overrides


# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:141 (opens new window)

# floorMaterialRootTag

Optional floorMaterialRootTag: string

define the root tag of the materials that can be used for floors

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:197 (opens new window)

# gaConsent

Optional gaConsent: boolean

set this flag to false if the user did not give the consent to Analytics

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:145 (opens new window)

# groupPartList

Optional groupPartList: boolean

set this flag to true if you want to group the part list by main components

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:135 (opens new window)

# materialMultiSelect

Optional materialMultiSelect: boolean

set this flag to true if you want that a user can select more than one material category at once default: false

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:172 (opens new window)

# materialRootTag

Optional materialRootTag: string

define the root tag of the materials that can be used, this sets floorMaterialRootTag, wallMaterialRootTag, doorMaterialRootTag, windowMaterialRootTag, objectMaterialRootTag if they are not set

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:225 (opens new window)

# measurementSystem

Optional measurementSystem: Enumify<{ IMPERIAL: "imperial" = 'imperial'; METRIC: "metric" = 'metric' }>

sets the measurement unit to be displayed in the planner and configurator UI. imperial sets measurementUnit to inches if no unit is passed metric sets measurementUnit to cm if no unit is passed if unit is not a metric unit (i.e. inch) but unitType=metric it will default to a metric unit (CM) and vice-versa

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:239 (opens new window)

# mobileLandscape

Optional mobileLandscape: boolean

set this flag to true if you want to configure on small devices in landscape as well this is relevant for things like Rubens Admin, where the configurator is embedded into a very small div

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:131 (opens new window)

# objectMaterialRootTag

Optional objectMaterialRootTag: string

define the root tag of the materials that can be used for objects

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:217 (opens new window)

# overrideServerUrl

Optional overrideServerUrl: string

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:93 (opens new window)

# shareUrl

Optional shareUrl: string


for details see deeplink, the only change is that the placeholder is <CONF_ID> here instead of #CONFIGURATIONID#

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:98 (opens new window)

# skin

Optional skin: EmbeddingSkin

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:90 (opens new window)

# startInDetail

Optional startInDetail: boolean

set this flag to true if you want to start the moc in configuring mode if there is only one object in the scene default: true

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:177 (opens new window)

# state

Optional state: UiState

use this param to initialize the configurator ui state, like opening certain views, camera modes, etc

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:182 (opens new window)

# thumbnails

Optional thumbnails: ThumbnailsSettings

the query param thumbnails will be converted to the following object:

  collapsed: { desktop: ViewTypeState; mobile: ViewTypeState };
  expanded: { desktop: ViewTypeState; mobile: ViewTypeState };

You have separate options to specify the settings for the thumbnails e.g.: ?thumbnails=big this sets all the values to "big" or you do: ?thumbnails.collapsed=big&thumbnails.expanded=list this sets the collapsed state to "big" and the expanded state to "list". Or you can specify the full object like: ?thumbnails.collapsed.desktop=big&thumbnails.collapsed.mobile=small&thumbnails.expanded.desktop=list&thumbnails.expanded.mobile=big

the following values for ViewTypeState are valid: list | small | big for the collapsed state list will have no effect and just be rendered like small. On mobile collapsed will only use small

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:261 (opens new window)

# translations

Optional translations: any

override translations to change labels for some or all languages. Example:

  "translations": {
    "en": {
      "params": {
        "request-product": "Add to cart",

You can find all labels here: Base.json

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:162 (opens new window)

# unit

Optional unit: Enumify<{ CM: "cm" = 'cm'; FEET: "feet" = 'feet'; INCH: "inch" = 'inch'; INCH_FEET: "inchfeet" = 'inchfeet'; MM: "mm" = 'mm' }>

sets the measurement unit to be displayed in the planner and configurator UI.

# Overrides


# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:230 (opens new window)

# useLocalRoomle

Optional useLocalRoomle: boolean

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:92 (opens new window)

# variants

Optional variants: VariantsMap

Define to which variants you can switch from which root component id. This is a simple JS object which is used like a map, e.g.: '"usm:frame": "DB_Start_ohne_Element"' now if a configuration with root component usm:frame is loaded all the items from the tag "DB_Start_ohne_Element" are now shown as variants

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:114 (opens new window)

# viewer

Optional viewer: boolean

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:262 (opens new window)

# wallMaterialRootTag

Optional wallMaterialRootTag: string

define the root tag of the materials that can be used for walls

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:202 (opens new window)

# windowMaterialRootTag

Optional windowMaterialRootTag: string

define the root tag of the materials that can be used for windows

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:212 (opens new window)

# zIndex

Optional zIndex: number

# Defined in

src/configurator/embedding/types.ts:91 (opens new window)