# Tutorial

On this part of the docs you will find tutorials for each module. The tutorials are really basic samples and not intended to be production ready copy&paste snippets. The tutorial should give you an idea how the most important parts work together and how you could create a basic app.

For every tutorial we provide a Code Sandbox (opens new window) so you can see the whole project setup. Furthermore we implement the tutorials in Vue (opens new window) because we think it make sense to use a client-side framework (you can read more about that here). It should be easy to translate the code to the framework of your choices. This is why we do not use advanced Vue (opens new window) pro-feautres because we think this would blur the sight on the important things.

# Configurator

Our first tutorial is about the configurator. You can start right now here

# GLB Viewer

Of course there is also a tutorial for the GLB Viewer. You can start right now here